This tool was created after seeing a growing number of artists including cryptocurrency donation QR codes on their artwork.

In order to keep their artwork as clean as possible, most artists limit their artwork to include only a single donation QR code, but this restricts donations to only those who own the single cryptocurrency.

One of the many use cases this tool enables is allowing artists to provide a single QR code on their artwork, but accept donations in any number of cryptocurrencies. And if they later decide to change the receiving address of a wallet, they can easily change the address online instead of having to paint over the old QR Code.

Using QR Codes for cryptocurrency is not always an easy process.
  • Because wallet addresses are long, generated QR codes are overly complex and sometimes hard to scan.
  • Additionally, wallet owners may want to provide several different addresses on a medium, but the large size of QR codes makes this difficult.
  • Furthermore, a wallet owner may want to change a wallet address after distributing a QR Code.

CoinQR solves these problems and more
  • Wallet owners can create a single page to host a collection of addresses for any number of different cryptocurrencies.
  • After creating a QR Page, wallet owners can distribute the QR Code or url for this page, and edit and add wallet addresses at any time.
  • QR Page urls are relatively short, which means they can use simple and easily readable QR Codes.